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Candice Nelms, Dipl. Om

Candice Nelms, Dipl. OM is a graduate of Dragon Rises College of Oriental Medicine with expertise in the diagnosis and treatment of internal disease through extensive pulse and observational diagnostic techniques and customized herbal formulas. Candice is Nationally Board Certified in Acupuncture and Herbology and received her BFA undergraduate education at New York University. (more)


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The Alchemist Collection is dedicated to manufacturing products that work, with ingredients that
are safe, responsible and friendly to the environment.

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100% all natural, handmade, hand pressed, CO2 extracted, organic, non-gmo, pesticide free, fair trade ingredients, responsibly grown ingredients, heavy metal free and scientifically vetted ingredients for safety and efficacy. Products you can trust, a company you can count on.


A focus on wellness is no longer a “nice to have” but a “must have” for a thriving brand. The Alchemist Collection is poised to supply retailers and Health practitioners across the country with any combination or customization they may want for their customers/patients.

Private Label

Consumers are seeking simplicity with ingredients and packaging. It has started a private label trend: Businesses that talk about their products in a simple, honest way will thrive by connecting their brands to health, wellness, sustainability and environmental stewardship. Rewarded by consumer loyalty. If you are looking to have a wellness product in your retail store, with your brand identity, contact us.


All herbs are manufacturer-tested using Thin Layer Chromatography (TLC) and High Performance Liquid Chromatography (HPLC) to confirm identification & ensure potency.


Handpicked, responsibly grown, all natural and certified organic ingredients (when applicable) free from genetically modified organisms.


All herbs and ingestible botanicals are tested for microbes, heavy metals (such as Arsenic, Lead, Mercury, and Cadmium), as well as for over 60 pesticide residues, including DDT and BHC.


All of our pure and authentic essential oils, herbs, ingestible botanicals and oils have been carefully chosen and formulated for therapeutic applications.


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Nov 2016
Our Story

I started like most every handmade product producer does, in my kitchen, with a very supportive (and curious) family unit, that liked to tease me endlessly while I was “in production”. Even though I am an experienced herbalist able to create formulas on a single bound, I have, on more than one occasion, blown up a glass pyrex cup holding expensive healing oils (The great Tamanu incident of 2016) while trying to master the new art of developing effective base combinations. I started because, frankly, It is hard to be an effective physician when you can only see 1 person at a time and for only 30 minutes or 1 Read more

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Oct 2016
Chinese herbs for cystic acne and acne scars

Chinese Medical approaches are excellent at alleviating skin symptoms and ailments such as Acne, Cystic acne, Eczema, and Psoriasis. As an Oriental Medical Physician, I commonly hear my patients saying the following, “I have tried everything, every wash, every prescription, every natural remedy – and still my skin will not clear up.” And it is frustrating for them, understandably so. But it is because their condition has been viewed from a certain perspective (external perspective) – and so no matter what you use, because you are still viewing with the same external lens, the approach to the problem remains the same, even if the wash or drug is different. Let’s change the Read more

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May 2016
Recover Naturally from Acute Injuries with Traditional Chinese Medicine

Understanding Stage 1 trauma can reduce the progression of an acute injury into chronic pain. Recovering from a muscle injury and athletic injury causing acute pain requires diligence during the Stage 1 (acute) phase which begins from the moment of the injury and usually lasts from one day to a week. This stage is characterized by Inflammation. Inflammation has four elements: Swelling Redness Pain Heat. In the traditions of Chinese Medicine (TCM), swelling is understood to be the slowing down of the body’s qi (vital life force energy), blood and other body fluids. Because the force of an injury will often rupture capillaries and other blood vessels causing a “black and blue” swelling, injuries Read more

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Aug 2016
Is Shingles Contagious?

Varicella zoster virus is a viral outbreak that has “stages” of contagious periods. To be more specific, Varicella (Chickenpox) and Zoster (shingles) are the two different manifestations of the Varicella-Zoster virus. Varicella/chickenpox is a primary infection with Varicella zoster virus. It occurs mainly in children and is characterized by generalized itchy, vesicular eruptions/rash and fever.  Following the initial acute infection, the virus becomes latent in our sensory nerves. Shingles/Zoster is due to a reactivation of the latent/dormant Varicella (Chickenpox) virus and affects mainly adults. The risk of acquiring zoster infection increases with age (50+), spinal traumas, exposure to irradiation, HIV infection, corticosteroid therapy and cancer. It is characterized by a painful Read more

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Sep 2016
What treats nail fungus?

  Does this sound familiar? A patient, who has tried everything natural on the shelf (to no avail), walks into the foot doctor’s office with a toenail (or finger nail) fungus. Foot doctor suggests pulling out the nail. Patient declines. Lamisil is prescribed for the fungus. Patient is intrigued. Doctor explains side effects of Lamisil. Patient quickly searches about Lamisil on the internet. Patient sees LIVER DAMAGE as a side effect. Patient remembers Acupuncture friend talking about nail fungus being a manifestation of Liver disharmony and thinks “better not”. Time and time again, as an herbalist and Oriental Medical Physician I am asked about significant nail fungus on toes and Read more

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Sep 2016
How to heal anal fissures at home naturally

Next to Kidney stones and childbirth, anal fissures are one of the most dreadful pains a person must face daily. A rip or tear of the anal canal can be as deep as the sphincter or also very superficial and are generally caused by the stretching of the anal mucosa; this usually occurs due to constipation, straining during defecation, passing hard/large stool, dehydration or blood deficiency (usually in the elderly), prolonged diarrhea, childbirth, dietary choices or inflammatory bowel disorders. Because of the varying etiologies (reasons) a person would have developed anal fissures in the first place, the targeted treatment requires customization. But we can break it down into some general Read more

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Sep 2016
Natural remedy for Bee, Wasp, Yellow jacket, Stingray stings and bites

Denaturing a protein based sting with heat stops pain instantly. We have all had the unfortunate experience while walking in the woods, playing at the pool, doing yard work, playing in our forts or taking out the trash to have been stung by 1 or all of these critters. Certainly, I have, and so has my son and my little nieces and nephews. Chinese Medicine has an excellent approach safe for all ages for these types of situations; The Art of Denaturing the Sting. Not all insects have a heavy protective proteins inside of their venom, but the majority of our domestic critters do: The Bee, Wasp, Centipede, Scorpion, Mosquito, Read more

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Oct 2016
How to remove wrinkles from the face naturally

According to Chinese Medicine, wrinkles can be viewed as stages of depletion reflecting onto the skin. In Chinese Medicine, the skin is an outer reflection of our inner health. Our skin is said to be supported and nourished by two major organs, our Spleen (also Pancreas) and our Lungs. The Spleen responsible for the building of Qi (Vital Life Force) and Blood through the incorporation of food nutrient and the Lungs for its ability to disseminate that blood into the layers of the skin (up and out). Understanding how the skin is nourished allows us to know how best to support the body’s natural way of keeping our skin healthy looking. Read more

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Jan 2016
Responsibly Grown Palm Oil

Our Supplier’s Commitment to Responsible Palm Oil Production Our Supplier is committed to responsible palm oil production and understands the need to respect and protect environmentally sensitive areas while continuing to meet growing global demand for agricultural products. Our Supplier does not and will not knowingly source or purchase palm oil from illegally cleared land or palm oil that does not comply with local laws and regulations. Our Supplier’s Palm Oil Transactions Much of the palm oil Our Supplier sources come from the major palm oil producing countries, which include Malaysia and Indonesia.According to the USDA, of the 140 million tons of vegetable oil produced worldwide in 2009, palm oil Read more

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Feb 2016
The Castor Oil Conundrum

The Castor oil used in our products is a non-toxic, expeller pressed and an ultra, high quality oil rich in glycerin esters of ricinoleic acid (fatty acid). Castor oil is used throughout the world for a variety of things, but its main affinity is the skin. It is therefore readily found in soaps and skincare products. Characteristics: Anti-viral, antibacterial, anti-microbial, anti-inflammatory, anti-acne, cleansing, hydrating, moisturizing, non-comedogenic. Lately Castor oil has been targeted for its toxic processing requirements. BACKGROUND: – Castor beans contain Ricin, considered to be one of the most toxic substances found in nature and has been a known biological weapon since WWI. – Castor oil is a Category Read more

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